Aurum al Farro

beltaine-farro-aurum La Aurum birra al farro, dal colore opalescente e dorato con riflessi ramati, 5,6° alcolici, Birra dissetante, presenta una schiuma bianca, compatta e persistente. Aroma delicato, acidulo, con note di erbaceo, fieno, camomilla, paglia e crosta di pane. Nel degustarla si scoprono sapori di frutta e un leggero amaro.

– Ingredienti: acqua, malto, farro, zucchero, luppolo, lievito. Il farro proviene dal nostro Appennino.
– Temperatura di Consumo 7/8°
– Gradazione alcolica: 5,6% vol. alc.
– Bicchiere consigliato per la degustazione: alto e stretto.
– Momento consigliato per la degustazione: Unica come aperitivo.
– Il birraio la berrebbe con: pesce, carne bianca, formaggi freschi e piatti leggeri.
Handicraft spelt beer
Lugh is a spelt beer, typical of the Celts, who used to drink “Lugnassad” during the important harvest festival , to thank the Earth for her gifts. Lugh was the god of the sun and of the fertility of nature, of intelligence and of all human abilities: his lance always ensured victory.
All the rites devoted to Lugh were intended to obtain rich harvests, a guarantee of survival during freezing winters.
Among all their harvests, the skilled Celt farmers had a preference for the spelt, a cereal which adapted very well to cold climates and heights, from which they were told to produce a beer giving immortality.

Organoleptic description: not-filtered beer, re-fermented in the bottle, opalescent and golden, with auburn glares. White, thick and lasting froth. Sourish flavour, with herbaceous, hay, camomile, straw and bread crust features. It presents a bitterish bouquet of fruit. Refreshing beer, ideal as an aperitif, it goes well with fish, white meat and green cheese.

Ingredients: water, malt, spelt, sugar, hop, yeast.
Grado Plato: 13.7 – Serving temperature: 7-8°C
To produce Lugh only local varieties of spelt are used, from the organic farming of “Montagnamica”, still deeply rooted in the traditions of the highlands, particularly linked to spelt cultivation.

Dove trovare la birra Beltaine

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